About Us

Diggs Inc is a company founded around my love of art, and finding happiness through comedy. I make a lot of different types of shirts, with a plethora of themes so theres a little something for everyone. We are always open to sugestions, making something that brings people happiness is a great opportunity. We also do event work, such a shirts for party, special occasion, bachelor party, whatever the need we can work to design and produce a shirt specially for you.

I started Diggs Inc as part of my plan to find a valuable way to promote good causes as well. I lost my mom to lung cancer after a four year battle leaving me with severe depression. I have used art as an outlet in the past and now I can do something for society in general. We will be doing limited runs on certain groups of shirts for different charity causes. These limited runs will have the majority of proceeds (80%+) going to these causes! 

I am really excited to have this opportunity and our shirts are of the best quality, I personally buy them to test out our products. We are backed by the security and quality gurantee of Amazon! Our shirts usually take 3 to 7 days in order to reach you. 
We would love to hear from you! We can be contacted via Facebook, E-mail, or phone.